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© 2008 - 2009 Open Roads Singles

Open Roads Singles (ORS) has been the place for Rving singles since December of 2003.  Here we are 5 years later, making big changes and moves - from an MSN hosted group to our own website and forum.  Hopefully these changes will continue our growth into the future.

Our new forum is up and running - as a brand new baby, as of the afternoon of December 21, 2008 - our Christmas present to ourselves.  It requires existing members to rejoin the same as new - so here's to new beginnings for the future of ORS - and to our growth and future through 2009 and beyond.  Our forum
is the lifeblood of our future and used in conjuntion with our private chat room - available to members only - we are able to keep in contact with like-minded single rvers all the time.  So, come on in and sit a spell.  Let's grow the new ORS website and forum together.
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